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The Hanseatic city of Rostock has more than 200,000 inhabitants and is thus the largest city in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. This superlatives are joined by other important characteristics: due to the closeness to the sea and the Baltic port Rostock is the economically most important city and has, thanks to the redbrick Gothic and the several centuries old university, a high cultural value.

Pay the exciting port city with our cheap accommodation service a visit and explore the breathtaking sights of Rostock, such as the Rostock heath, one of the last great forests on the German coast, or the sea mark of Rostock, a lighthouse built of white glazed brick.

If you have no desire for adventure, take a stroll down the promenade, which is situated parallel to the wide and sandy beach. Also from a cultural point of view Rostock has a lot to offer: The local history museum, the church of Warnemünde ort he more than 700 years old town hall represent a huge wealth of historic treasures.

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Rostock sightseeing

Heathland of Rostock
Rostocker Heide – Im Jahre 1252 hat das Waldareal der Rostocker Heide den einstigen Besitzer Fürst Heinrich Borwin II verlassen und ging in den Besitz der Stadt Rostock über.

Das Waldgebiet ist heute eines der letzten verbleibenden geschützten und geschlossenen Naturareale an der Küste Deutschlands. Die Gesamtfläche misst über 6.000 Hektar. Damit ist die Hansestadt Rostock einer der fünf größten kommunalen Forstbesitzer Deutschlands.
In 1252, the forest area of the Rostock heath left its former owner Prince Henry II Borwin and passed into the possession of the city of Rostock.

The forest area is now one of the last remaining protected and closed natural areas of the coast of Germany. The total area measures 6,000 hectares. Thus, the Hanseatic city of Rostock is one of the five largest municipal forest owners in Germany.
City Hall
Since more than 700 years, the city council of Rostock resides in the town hall. The building was was built between 1270 and 1290 as a duplex house with two floors and a vaulted cellar.

In the following centuries it was used as a department store, where merchants hawked their goods. The upper floor consisted of the ballroom and the council chamber.

In 1484 the "new house" was added as an attachment and served as a municipal festival house. In addition, decorative wall and arbor were expanded and the number of towers were increased to seven. 

At the beginning of the 18th Century both the magnificent porch and the impressive festival room of the Town Hall were built. Various extensions have been performed at the beginning of the 20th Century.

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